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ANT-4T300 - 10-ft. dia. x 12-ft. tall Natural Antler Chandelier Light Fixture with 67 Uplights
ANT-4T300 - "Monster" 10-ft. dia. x 12-ft. tall natural antler chandelier with 67-uplights. Shown with antler light socket covers.

ANT-4T300 - 10-ft. dia. x 12-ft. tall Natural Antler Chandelier Light Fixture with 67 Uplights

Price: $63,000.00
Hand-crafted to your custom specifications
Part Number:ANT-4T300

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Pat Fillman of Horns-A-Plenty Antler Art has become known as the "monster" antler chandelier specialist! This antler chandelier is 10-feet in diameter, 12-feet tall and features four cascading tiers lined with 67 lights. We estimate that there are more than 600 natural deer and elk antlers in the chandelier. The original 850-lb. light was installed in 2005 in a 19,000 square-foot, four-story log home near Mammoth, California.

Approx. 10-ft. dia. x 12-ft. tall
Approx. 850 lbs.
67 candelabra-base light sockets for which you can use a 20-watt, 40-watt, or 60-watt (maximum) bulb. Maximum total wattage 4,020 watts.

Did you know that all species of antlered animals shed their antlers naturally every year? Thus, antlers are a natural, renewable resource that has been used for centuries to make lighting, furniture, and more.

Custom, hand-crafted cascade natural antler chandelier designs from Horns~A~Plenty Antler Art are very symmetrical and feature lights cascading through the chandelier. Cascade antler lights are some of our most popular designs and we have a wide selection of standard sizes. We also make custom designs!

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ANT-4T300 | 67 lights | 4,020 watts | 10-ft. d x 12-ft t | 650 lbs. | $63,000 | View


Our standard is candelabra-base light sockets for which you can use a 20-watt, 40-watt, or 60-watt (maximum) bulb.

Our standard is an adjustable light socket with a metal light socket cover. The whole assembly is mounted on a swivel base so you can adjust it yourself. We also offer antler light socket covers in which a cast antler is placed over the light socket so it looks like natural antler all the way up to the light bulb. Antler light socket covers are fixed to the antler they are mounted on and blended with fill material so you can't see the junction. Therefore, they are not adjustable.

We offer 3-feet, 6-feet, or 9-feet standard chain lengths. Please contact us if you need a custom length.

For chain and light socket hardware, we offer 8 standard finishes or we can color-match. Available finishes include Copper, Old-Fashioned Rust, Flat Black, Flat Dark Brown, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Painted Rust, Galvanized (painted) or Glossy Black.

These models are beautiful with mica, rawhide, or parchment shades (sold separately). Recommended shade size 3" top dia. x 5" bottom dia. x 4" height.

Standard wiring is for direct wiring into an existing junction box on your ceiling, but we can also wire them with a cord and plug for swagging into an electrical outlet.

You can be sure your fixture is safe because all directly wired fixtures by D Bar X Lighting and Horns~A~Plenty Antler Art are approved by Underwriters Laboratories to meet their standards for electrical safety. That means we must not only use lighting parts that are manufactured to UL standards, but each finished piece must also conform to their standard. Each piece must pass a di-electric test in which we run 1,200 volts through the wiring to make sure there are no short circuits and UL inspectors randomly visit our workshop to inspect our methods and records. We provide a packet that includes a canopy, mounting hardware, our UL number, and our address and phone number.

Please note that these are custom items made to your specifications. We do not have any completed items in stock and turnaround depends on how many you order, parts availability, and our current workload.

100% satisfaction guarantee.

The shipping price calculated in your shopping cart is for your entire order anywhere in the continental U.S. Shipping outside of the U.S. is at estimated actual cost. We can provide an actual quote upon request.

We've sold thousands of beautiful rustic antler lights worldwide since 1993.

For more details call us at 1-800-467-6599 Pacific Time.

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