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Famous projects featuring products by D Bar X Lighting

D Bar X Lighting chandeliers used in the 2012 Movie "Joyful Noise"

Yes, the wagon wheel chandeliers you see in the restaurant in "Joyful Noise" were made by Pat Fillman of D Bar X Lighting! A buyer from Gospel Truth Pictures contacted us in December 2010 as the set was being created for the movie.

Movie stars Dolly Parton, Queen Latifah, Keke Palmer, and Kris Kristofferson and the wagon wheel chandeliers are clearly visible in many of the restaurant scenes.

WW027-24/3-S (click for more information)

WW027-42/5-S (click for more information).

Joyful Noise 3Joyful Noise 2Joyful Noise 1

D Bar X Lighting Wall Sconces used in the 2011 Super Bowl 45 Budweiser Commercial

The Budweiser commercial for the 2011 Superbowl XLV featured the world-famous Budweiser Clydesdales and an old-west bar scene. But did you notice the lighting in the saloon? Maybe not, but folks in White Pine County, Nevada were watching for lights made by local craftsman Pat Fillman of D Bar X Lighting and Horns-A-Plenty Antler Art.

Fillman got a call from the Budweiser commercial production company in November. “The guy asked me if they could have 4 wagon wheel chandeliers and 8 lantern wall sconces by the next Thursday,” Fillman recalls. “You bet, no problem! I said and I dropped everything I was doing to get the order done and shipped it by Monday. You don’t often get a chance to do something really big like this.”

Unfortunately the wagon wheel chandeliers were never shown in the commercial, but several of the sconces were visible on the walls.

Model No: DX806-15 (Click for more information)


Budweiser HD1Budweiser HD2Budweiser HD3

D Bar X Lighting Wagon Wheel Chandelier Seen In the 2009 "Hannah Montana Movie"



A wagon wheel chandelier hand-crafted near Ely, Nevada appears in a key scene in the new “Hannah Montana Movie” box-office smash released April 13, 2009.

“Even though the light is only shown for about 2.3 seconds, it’s in a big scene with Billy Ray Cyrus,” Spring Valley resident Pat Fillman says. “He breaks an Elvis plate on it.”

Fillman and his wife Kristi are the owners of D Bar X Lighting and Horns-A-Plenty Antler Art. Pat has been making hand-crafted antler and wagon wheel lighting and other home accessories for more than 16 years. With the exception of 5 years in Phoenix, their business has been based in White Pine County.

“We got a call from Mon Tan Productions in Franklin, Tennessee while the movie was in production last year,” Fillman says. “We couldn’t wait till it was released and we drove to Salt Lake to see it over the weekend.

“Usually the chandeliers aren’t in most of the shots because they are up at the ceiling, but in this scene Billy Ray Cyrus stumbles into his mom’s shelves with her famous people plate collection. He catches the plate of Elvis before it hit the floor, stands up, puts his hand in the air and says “I got it” and accidentally breaks the plate on our chandelier.”

This internet-based business at ships their products to customers world-wide and their items have been purchased for use in a number of TV shows, movies and restaurants. TV and movie credits include: “Soul Men” (lantern lights), “True Blood” (wagon wheel chandeliers), ABC’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” (episode 303, wagon wheel chandelier), “Trick My Truck” ("Rawhide" stagecoach show, Season 4, Episode 4, lanterns), and now the “Hannah Montana Movie.”

Model No: #WW025-54/10 (Click for more information)

Hannah Montana DVD CoverBilly Ray Cyrus breaks Elvis plate on D Bar X Lighting Chandelier

D Bar X Lighting Wall Sconces seen on CMT's "Trick My Truck" - Season 4, Episode 4 - David Goad's Rawhide - 2009

Two hand-crafted custom lantern wall sconces from D Bar X Lighting were part of CMT's "Trick My Truck" season 4, episode 4 - "Rawhide" in 2009. The lantern wall sconces were mounted in the sleeper section of the truck along with some wooden barrels, a cash box, and other rustic items to give the space a real Old West feel but with modern convenience.

"Driving a truck is the only career David Goad has ever wanted. He considers it his job to help keep America's economy rolling. David's other passion is family. He grew up without a father, and he is constantly juggling his life on the road with his life at home. His one worry is that he's not being a good enough father to his children. Don't miss this heartwarming episode of Trick My Truck as David's kids contact the boys and get them to turn David's worn-out Kenworth into a rolling tribute to America's Old West."

Model No: DX806-13 (Click for more information)


D Bar X Lighting Wagon Wheel Chandelier Shown On ABC's "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" - Oct. 2005

All of us at D Bar X Lighting are happy to have been part of ABC's "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition." (Sundays 8/7c). One of our handcrafted wagon wheel chandeliers now graces the new Barrett Family home in Peyton, Colorado (Episode 303). Click here to go to the show's website for more details. Here are some photos...

Billy Jack and Anne have always had a knack for challenges - it used to be for handling disobedient horses when they were working in the equestrian business as real life "horse whisperers." Now it's raising and adopting children deemed "unmanageable" and "un-adoptable" according to the Colorado Department of Human Services which claims that these are the children no one wants.

Dusty (15), Daphne (14), AJ (13), and Jennifer (14) were four kids who had gone from one foster home to another and suffered mental and behavioral problems stemming from abuse. No one could handle them - these children were out of control. But Anne and Billy Jack really thought they could work with these kids, as they had with hundreds of horses in the past. They became mentors and, soon after, parents. With unending amounts of love, patience and discipline, Dusty, Daphne, AJ and Jennifer have become healthy and productive members of the Barrett family.

But now with growing teenagers, in addition to the Barretts' two biological kids, Rebecca (13) and Clara (11), the four-bedroom farmhouse with only one and a half bathrooms is getting too tight for eight people. In addition, Anne quit her job to home-school the four adopted children, as each of them is behind academically and emotionally. Billy Jack and Anne would like to take in more kids in need, but can't because of space and the Colorado law which states that the household has reached the limit for the number of children allowed per bedroom.

With the help of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and their team of contractors, the Barrett family will now have a bigger house that all their children can enjoy, as well as the opportunity to adopt more kids who never really had a home.

Model No: WW026-48/8 (Click for more information)

Extreme Makeover: Home EditionExtreme Makeover: Home EditionExtreme Makeover: Home Edition

Lantern Lights by D Bar X Lighting Seen In "Soul Men" - 2008

In 2008, the production company for "Soul Men" ordered 12 DX806-15 lantern wall sconces from D Bar X Lighting. The movie (released in November 2008) featured Samuel Jackson and Bernie Mac. You can see several of the sconces in the scene where they perform at the Rockin' Rodeo in Amarillo, Texas. There are two sconces behind the band on stage while they sing "Boogie Down" and you can see more sconces on the walls throughout the bar area. There are also some wagon wheels visible in some shots, but we are not sure if they are from D Bar X Lighting...

Model No: DX806-15 (Click for more information)

2008-SoulMen-DVDCover2008-SoulMen-Capture9 2008-SoulMen-Capture8

Wagon Wheel Chandeliers by D Bar X Lighting seen in the HBO Series - "True Blood" - 2007

In 2007, the production company for the HBO series "True Blood" ordered two 48-inch wagon wheel chandeliers from D Bar X Lighting. The first season of the series was shown beginning in September 2008. The chandeliers are shown in a number of scenes in Merlotte's Bar and Grill in Bon Temps, Louisiana.

Model No: WW025-48/8-S (Click for more information)


Antler Chandeliers by Horns-A-Plenty used in Macy's Department Store Christmas Display in New York - 2006

In December 2006, Macy's Department Store in New York City ordered 2 cast antler chandeliers from Horns-A-Plenty Antler Art to use in their Christmas display. The chandeliers were featured above a dining ensemble on the 8th floor.

Model No: FX308-D (Discontinued cast antler models) (Click for more information about natural antler models)


The World's Largest Antler Chandelier - 10-ft. x 12-ft. Natural Deer & Elk Antler Chandelier - 2005

Pat Fillman of Horns-A-Plenty Antler Art has become known as the "monster" antler chandelier specialist! This antler chandelier is 10-feet in diameter, 12-feet tall and features four cascading tiers lined with 67 lights. We estimate that there are more than 600 natural deer and elk antlers in the chandelier. The 850-lb. light was installed in 2005 in a 19,000 square-foot, four-story log home near Mammoth, California.

The chandelier was too large to be transported in one piece, so Pat constructed it in three separate sections at the Horns-A-Plenty workshop in eastern Nevada. Then he transported it to the home in California and assembled it on-site. He designed a custom heavy steel bracket to hang the chandelier from the 32-ft. ceiling. Then he used special hoists, rigging and scaffolding to raise the light to the perfect level.

The owner commented that he'd requested bids from several antler art companies but Horns-A-Plenty was "the only one that would even consider building a chandelier that size."

Note: Larger chandeliers are possible, but would have to be built on-site. Please call for a quote.

Model No: 4T300 (Click for more information)


Cody Western Design Conference - Cody, WY - September 2003

In September 2003, Horns-A-Plenty Antler Artist Pat Fillman participated in the prestigious Cody Western Design Conference in Cody, Wyoming. He created a spectacular one-of-a-kind spiral antler chandelier for the exhibition. This chandelier is now only available by special order.


Old Spaghetti Factory Blue Sage Cafe - Spring 2008

D Bar X Lighting was the supplier of custom rawhide and mica shades for the Spaghetti Factory Blue Sage Cafe in the Portland, Oregon area.

Rawhide Shades (click for more information)

Rawhide Pendant Lights (click for more information)

Mica Shades (click for more information)

Mica Pendant Lights (click for more information)


Roadrunner Cafe - Las Vegas - December 2006

Pat Fillman of D Bar X Lighting and Horns-A-Plenty Antler Art crafted numerous wagon wheel chandeliers, antler chandeliers, and wall sconces for the Roadrunner Cafe in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Model No: WW026-48/8 (Click for more information)

Model No:WW032-24-6 (Click for more information)