100% Satisfaction Guarantee — Within 60 days, if you aren’t completely satisfied with your standard design from D Bar X Lighting, we’ll replace it if it gets damaged, exchange it if it’s not right, or refund your money! The guarantee does not apply to custom designs. You are responsible for the actual cost of packing and shipping on exchanges and returns, but not on damages (see "guaranteed delivery" below). Please note that the ACTUAL COST of packing and shipping is usually more than what we charge for the initial shipment. Please save the carton or crate we send just in case! We will refund your money when we receive the returned item.

Please note that these are custom items made to your specifications. We do not have any completed items in stock and turnaround depends on how many you order, parts availability, and our current workload. Orders are completed on a first-come, first-served basis. We strive to complete your order as soon as possible.

Wall sconces and chandeliers are UL approved! — You can be sure your fixture is safe because all directly wired fixtures by D Bar X Lighting are approved by Underwriter’s Laboratories to meet their standards for electrical safety. That means we must not only use lighting parts that are manufactured to UL standards, but each finished piece must also conform to their standard. Each piece must pass a di-electric test in which we run 1,200 volts through the wiring to make sure there are no short circuits and UL inspectors randomly visit our workshop to inspect our methods and records. We provide a packet that includes a canopy, mounting hardware, our UL number, and our address and phone number.

Deposit Required — We require payment in full prior to shipping any order. If you order a standard item, we will refund your deposit if you cancel your order. If you order a custom design, the deposit is not refundable if you decide to cancel. The balance on any order is due prior to shipping. We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, wire transfers, personal or business checks, money orders, or certified checks. We require a 100 percent deposit if paying with non-certified funds and have a two-week waiting period for bank clearance.

The packing/shipping price will be the actual cost. We can provide a quote upon request.

We Guarantee Delivery — We ship F.O.B. your destination for shipments within the continental U.S. That means we take responsibility for your shipment until it is actually delivered to your door. If the freight company damages your shipment, we will have it returned, take care of the claim, and get you a new piece as soon as possible. Please save the carton or crate we send just in case! Any damage should be noted on the delivery receipt to help expedite the return. Shipments outside the continental U.S. are entirely the responsibility of the customer.

For more details call us at 1-800-467-6599 Pacific Time.

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