Getting Started

Pat Fillman has been making custom, hand-crafted rustic lighting for more than 25 years. He started making antler art in 1993 when he and his wife Kristi lived in Ely, Nevada. At that time, Pat had a whole pile of antlers in the garage that he and his friends had gathered in the mountains near town.

All species of antlered animals shed their antlers naturally each year. Thus they are a natural, renewable resource and shed hunting has become something of a sport across the U.S. Looking for big sheds and matched sets is like a wilderness treasure hunt.

Fillman saw an antler chandelier made by another artist when he went to a convention in Las Vegas in 1991 and decided to try to make his own. It wasn't as easy as he thought, however. It took a couple of years to come up with designs that were strong, symmetrical, and beautiful and to find suppliers for specialized lighting parts.

Meanwhile, the Fillmans moved to Phoenix and continued to work full-time at other jobs while Pat made and sold antler art after work and on weekends. Eventually, the business had grown so much that Pat couldn't keep up with both jobs any more and in March 1995 he decided to go into antler art full-time.

The business expanded even more quickly after that, and soon Kristi left her career and became the office manager.

Planting Roots

In July 1998, after five years in the Phoenix area, the Fillmans moved the business back to their hometown of Ely, Nevada located in the high mountains of east central Nevada. They now live and work at the historic D Bar X Ranch. The ranch is 45 miles east of Ely, which is about 5 hours north of Las Vegas, 6 hours east of Reno, 3 hours south of Elko, and 4 hours west of Salt Lake.

Worldwide Impact

We run ads in regional and national magazines, and they display their work at shows throughout the West. They've shipped to customers across the country and around the world, to Canada, Spain, England, Japan, Bahrain, Switzerland, and even as far away as Fiji!

About Our Products

The largest chandelier Pat ever made was an antler chandelier that was 10-feet in diameter by 12-feet tall with 67 lights that went in a home in June Lake, California. It had to be assembled on-site because it was too large to be shipped by freight truck!

In 1998, the Fillman's began creating new product lines and marketing them under the name D Bar X Lighting & Home Accessories. These hand-crafted items include wagon wheel chandeliers, lantern wall sconces, and mica shades. Rawhide shades and chandelier hoists are also available in this line.

The wagon wheels are hand-crafted from natural hickory and oak wood by the Amish in Ohio. You can get sconces and chandeliers in nine standard sizes from 12-inches to 7-feet in diameter. The largest chandeliers are made from wheels taller than we are!

Fillman uses authentic old-fashioned Dietz oil lanterns in all of the company’s lantern light designs including chandeliers, wall sconces and lamps. He takes the oil lantern parts out and replace them with electric parts and you can safely use these lights indoors or out.

All direct-wired light fixtures from D Bar X Lighting and Horns-A-Plenty Antler Art are approved by Underwriter’s Laboratories for safety.

Family Owned and Operated

As of 2020, the business expanded to include Pat's daughter Lindsey and her husband Steve. They moved from Mesa, Arizona to the ranch to help run the family business - learning the tricks of the trade all while raising their newborn son in the great outdoors. 

Our family is also proud to support the wildlife conservation efforts of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Safari Club International, the Federation for North American Wild Sheep, the National Wild Turkey Federation, and the Mule Deer Foundation. They also support the local 4-H Clubs, the National Rifle Association, and the Great Basin Water Network.