4T300 - "World's Largest Chandelier" - 4 Tier Cascade Chandelier with Mule Deer/Elk Antlers

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Pat Fillman of D Bar X Lighting (formerly Horns-A-Plenty Antler Art) has become known as the "monster" antler chandelier specialist! This antler chandelier is 10-feet in diameter, 12-feet tall and features four cascading tiers lined with 67 lights. We estimate that there are more than 600 natural deer and elk antlers in the chandelier. The original 850-lb. light was installed in 2005 in a 19,000 square-foot, four-story log home near Mammoth, California.

The chandelier was too large to be transported in one piece, so Pat constructed it in three separate sections at the Horns-A-Plenty workshop in eastern Nevada. Then he transported it to the home in California and assembled it on-site. He designed a custom heavy steel bracket to hang the chandelier from the 32-ft. ceiling. Then he used special hoists, rigging and scaffolding to raise the light to the perfect level.

The owner commented that he'd requested bids from several antler art companies but Horns-A-Plenty was "the only one that would even consider building a chandelier that size."

Note: Larger chandeliers are possible, but would have to be built on-site. Please call for a quote.