WC270 - Elk Antler Wall Sconce with Lanterns

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  • Single Wall Sconce, 4 lights total, Each sconce approx. 22" w x 44" t, 18 lbs* - $1,100
  • Set of 2 Wall Sconces, 8 lights total, Each sconce approx. 22" w x 44" t, 18 lbs* - $2,100

*Please note: Size and weight on this item varies. Measurements provided are approximate.

Did you know that all species of antlered animals shed their antlers naturally every year? This makes antlers a natural, renewable resource that has been used for centuries to make lighting, furniture, and more.

The WC270 is available as either a single wall sconce or a set of two wall sconces. These stunning elk antlers feature 4 old-fashioned oil lanterns that are converted to electric and wired through the antler. The lanterns are available in any of our 8 custom finishes.

Bulb size(s) wattage(s):
Each lantern has a candelabra-base light socket for which you can use a 40-watt (maximum) bulb.

Wiring options:
Standard wiring is for direct wiring into an existing junction box on your wall, but we can also wire them with a cord and plug for plugging into an electrical outlet at no additional cost.
Custom finishes:
Eight standard finishes available. Available finishes include Old-Fashioned Rust, Painted Rust, Flat Black, Glossy Black, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Flat Dark Brown, Copper, Galvanized.
Glass options: Our standard option is clear lantern glass or we offer frosted glass by special order.